About Me

Rocky Shi is the CEO of TAOST. Shi is also serving as the Managing Director at Beijing Topwin Investment Group. Currently, Rocky Shi is living in London, UK.

After graduating from college, Rocky Shi moved to China to help support his family's business, Beijing Topwin Investment Group. Topwin Investment Group focuses on real estate development and management. It also has divisions in hotel investment and management along with energy investment. It is a diverse and large organization that has invested in various ventures and projects over its history.

When he arrived, he received extensive management training and worked on numerous projects right from the start. That includes the Sanlitun Intercontinental Hotel project, which is the only 5-Star Forbes IHG property in the world. He previously worked on the Topwin Center, a large retail center located next to the hotel itself. He has also worked on projects for Topwin Golf and Country Club.

During his time at Beijing Topwin Investment Group, he learned the ins and outs of the family business and each organization within it. He also worked alongside Topwin's Chairman for some time. This allowed him to develop outstanding insights and skills in the business first-hand. In addition, he worked with the chairman to develop several projects, specifically in cultural tourism in Kunming, Yunnan, for Topwin Investment Group. He continues to work as the Managing Director for Beijing Topwin Investment Group.

In addition to this, Rocky Shi has also made numerous personal investments in movies. That includes "Chinese Doctors" in 2021, "Flowers in the Field" in 2020, and "Ordinary Hero" in 2022. He plans to continue to invest in movies and films of all types.

After spending three years working in Beijing for the company, Shi made the decision to make another move. This time, he moved to London. He set off to follow his true passion – film, TV, and content creation.

While in London, he made significant strides in the industry and founded his own media company called Rise Entertainment. This company is a startup that is dedicated to visual effects artists, animators, digital artists, creators, writers, directors, and studios who wish to connect and share content.

He is interested in the industry in various ways, including through virtual production, visual effects used in film and TV, and all types of animation, including 2D, 3D, and Unreal Engine, among others. He is also interested in game design and digital art. He is also interested in streaming platforms and film production studios overall.

Rocky Shi spends time studying and always learning about other topics including crypto, smart contracts, NFTs, and global markets. These are just some of the topics he is most interested in both within and outside of his business. His versatile insights and experiences have helped him to achieve many of his goals over the years.

Most Proud of Professional Accomplishments

Throughout his career, Rocky Shi has done quite a bit to achieve positive recognition. There are some things he is most proud of accomplishing, though. That includes the fact that he wrote and directed a promotional video for Topwin Center. In addition to this, he is proud of his investment in films such as "Chinese Doctors" in 2021 and "Flowers in the Field" in 2020. These are just some of Shi's most notable professional accomplishments in recent years. He also led the development of Topwin's cultural tourism project in Kunming, Yunnan. Acted as project manager and representative in cooperations between Israeli executives and Topwin. Consulted in design for the development of a new Topwin hotel project in Yunnan. Undoubtedly, his future may contain even larger accomplishments and achievements.

Personal Life

Rocky Shi was born in 1996 in California. He was raised in San Marino, California. He attended school here through 12th grade. Shi then enrolled in New York University – Tisch School of the Arts. After graduating with his bachelor's degree in 2018, he made the decision to relocate to Beijing, China. He did so in an effort to help his family's business, Beijing Topwin Investment Group.


Rocky Shi graduated from San Marino High School in May of 2014. After doing so, he attended New York University – Tisch School of the Arts. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2018.

Personal Interest

Rocky Shi engages in numerous activities when he does not manage his business success and study the market. He enjoys following NFTs, which takes up a good amount of his time. However, he enjoys watching movies with friends and family. He is also passionate about reading and writing. When he gets the time to do so, Shi is known to spend some time on the golf course for a few rounds of play. He also relaxes while playing the piano. He is often on the go, traveling and engaging in local culture and activities that he has long been interested in when he is able to get time away from his true passion for film and visual effects.


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